You Don’t Have to Gain This Month! Advice From Our Dietitian

How are you doing with leftover holiday candy?  Is it time to throw it out, or give it away?  Any tempting food item you leave in plain sight on your home counters, on your work desk or eye level in your cabinets can be tempting.  MOVE IT!

iStock_000006986731XSmallThe holidays are here.  To prevent the typical American holiday weight gain of 3-9 pounds, I encourage my clients to have a plan. One idea, as you select your holiday menu always include a couple of  low calorie veggies, like roasted asparagus, and a big green salad.  If you want the recipe just E-mail me at

What’s your favorite healthy eating holiday tip?  Many of my clients like: “Drink a glass of water, club soda, or low calorie pop before every alcoholic drink.” It will save you loads of calories.

Do you snack standing?  Do you grab a few nuts, a handful of cereal or eat a piece of turkey while making a sandwich?  It may be your fat behavior preventing weight loss. Many of my successful clients only eat sitting.  Let me know if this helps you.

Look out for high calorie winter comfort foods.  Instead stay warm and cozy with a variety of flavors of tea, calorie free flavored coffee or herbal teas.  Plus a bonus, tea contains polyphenols with health properties for weight loss, heart disease and cancer.

If you are about to make dinner now, do you practice healthy habits?  Many of my clients used to nibble while cooking.  The calories add up from that bite of melon, piece of meat, taste of pasta, etc. etc. etc… Try using a 1/2 teaspoon for seasoning tastes.

Planning a vacation for the holidays?  Avoid a weight gain by sticking to healthy eating for the first half of the trip.  Try picking up baby carrots or other veggies from a grocery store when you arrive at your destination (you can even pack veggies in your suitcase).  The veggies do not need to be refrigerated for a few days.

Check back next week for more tips for avoiding holiday weight gain!

Healthy Regards,

Gail Posner, RD, MS

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