Too Much On Your Plate?

young woman with the burnout syndromeDo the obligations and mundane tasks of life ever take you over and take you out?   It is as if you get caught up in utter chaos and can’t find the way out until you wind up with an overwhelming feeling of emotion.  Your head spinning, mouth watering, and your physical body exhausted almost immobile. There is so much to do, to fix and not enough time to breathe.  Life seems too hard and no matter how many people are around you or support you, you feel like you have too much on your plate, no interest in doing it and no one cares to help.  Your responsibilities have become a poison that sucks the passion and life out of you.  What do you do?

Turn these monotonous responsibilities into your spiritual practice.  Mundane patterns in life if not viewed as sacred and valuable become the things that bring us into a feeling of being emotionally overpowered, unable to be in our passion,  just wanting to “push through”, and be completely checked out of the present moment.  We can’t change the obligations of being an adult, but we can embrace them.  Finish one task at a time and perhaps enjoy the simplicity of the chore you are focused on without obsessing over what needs to be done next.  As the future creeps into the present, take a pause and breathe.

“Things don’t change.  You change your way of looking, that’s all.” -Carlos Castaneda

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