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_____________ 1. Decide what day the holiday season starts for you. Is it Halloween through New Years? Or can you hold off on splurging until the week before Christmas? Do you start binge eating just from the thought of the holidays fast approaching? See you head doctor immediately!

_____________ 2. Decide how many alcoholic drinks and extra desserts you will have during the holiday season. This should go over really great with your hubby!

_____________ 3. Limit your holiday baking. You and your family should decide on one high-calorie food item to make and skip the rest. Go to a movie or a family fun outing instead of cooking and baking. Come up with a new low-calorie or non-food focused tradition. Good luck!

_____________ 4. When you are asked to bring food to a party, bring a low-calorie dish on which you can fill-up. This way you are assured there will be something healthy to eat. Become known as the salad maker or veggie person. You know, the weirdo at the party everyone secretly wishes to be.

____________ 5. If you like to serve nuts, buy the nuts in the shells. You’ll be less likely to grab a handful as you pass by the nut bowl. Imagine the hundreds of calories consumed each time you grab a fist full of nuts. Yikes! It is so NOT worth it!

____________ 6. During the holidays focus on, music, fresh flowers and plants. Not candy dishes. Nostrils open, ears open,mouth closed!

____________ 7. Easy on the alcohol! Have a low-calorie beverage first, such as club soda and a twist of lemon and lime. Then order an alcoholic drink.

____________ 8. Never come hungry to a party! Have fruit, veggies or a salad before you leave for the party.

____________ 9. Keep 5 feet away from the appetizers, candy and nuts! Focus on the people you are talking to. Not the food! This really helps!

____________ 10. Sit away from the food buffet! Stop torturing yourself! Bring a tape measure and crime scene tape!

____________ 11. Eat Slowly! Take a break from the meal. Go to the bathroom, refill your water glass, whatever! We don’t care what anyone else thinks! Just leave and move for a minute!

____________ 12. Prevent typical holiday weight gain of 5-10 pounds. Get into a healthy routine NOW! Pull out the food diary NOW! “ Mindless” nibbles equal extra pounds! Find a holiday food fighter buddy NOW! Prepare NOW!

____________ 13. Fill your plate with low-calorie foods first. Then, one or two small helpings of the “dare ya” foods!

____________ 14. Send high-calorie leftovers home with someone else. Don’t play tempting mind games with yourself. You WILL lose! Then you’ll gain. Play a different game.

____________ 15. Remain vigilant and stay with your exercise routine! Keep busy with healthy and productive activities during the holidays. Spend time with people who make you feel happy. People you genuinely like and love. Stay away from negative energy!

____________ 16. Consider skipping the cocktail portion of the party. We tend to drink on an empty stomach. Then we eat ridiculous amounts of food. Once you’re on a roll, it’s hard to stop the madness. Show up at the end of the pre-party. Just in time for dinner. If going to the party is really stressing you out, don’t go! It’s okay!

____________ 17. Eliminate or limit holiday stress. Stress can definitely lead to binge eating and drinking. Keep your daily routine as simple as possible. Don’t weigh yourself down with to many obligations and commitments. Prioritize and be selective. Be a little selfish with your time during the holidays. It’s all good!

Print and post this article in a visible place in your home. Be proactive and use it as a work sheet for additional support. Refer to it daily during the holiday season!

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