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By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard that using florescent light bulbs are better than incandescent, and that reusable water bottles are better than plastic ones, but here are a few other easy things that you can do to help yourself and the environment.

Sample some of Aveda’s hair care products. To green-ify their hair dye, Aveda uses green tea extract as an oxidizer, so that colors end up being 93% to 99% naturally derived.  Aveda also invented an aerosol hairspray that has zero impact on the environment.

Now, this one might be hard for those who like having their own personal library, but using a Kindle, an electronic device used to read downloadable books from, might be a more environmentally friendly choice.  Using a kindle you can help cut down on the amount of CO2 used in producing books.

Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible, as nearly 85% of the energy used in washing clothes goes to heating the water. Skip the dryer and use drying rack or clothesline instead to cut down on energy usage. Your clothes will still be just as clean.

Put down the Aqua Net and use hairspray with non harmful aerosol, like MOP C-System Organic Firm Finish Hairspray ($16.99), which is made from certified organic fruit extracts.

Green up your makeup by purchasing from cosmetics companies that offer recycling programs, like MAC Cosmetics, which offers a free lipstick when you return six empty containers. Origins also has a recycling program that will accept empty containers from any cosmetics company.

It’s been said plenty of times, but it makes sense; buy reusable bags from the grocery store and take them with you every time instead of wasting paper and plastic bags. In an effort to get shoppers to cut back, grocery stores in the U.K., like Marks & Spencer, charge customers for every plastic bag they use. Not only do reusable bags cut down on waste, but it’s more practical too. Most groceries are heavy and have to be double bagged; reusable bags are tougher and can just be slung over your shoulder without having to worry about it tearing

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