Get Your Motivation in Gear! Calorie Crushing Fat Burning Workout!

Hopefully you enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast with your family and friends. Don’t stress about the wonderful food you ate, Thanksgiving is enjoyed best without guilt.  Instead of the torture of counting calories, reflect on life’s blessings, including that juicy turkey, to die for stuffing, yummy mashed potatoes, decadent desserts and your community of friends and family. It’s all good. After a night of rest and relaxation, however, a powerful, motivating workout might be just what you need to get your body moving and energized . But lets face it , the holiday season is a tough time to stay on top of your health. Temptations to indulge in holiday foods, grim weather, and other stressors can erode the motivation to stick with your fitness program. A few calorie crushing, fat burning, and stress busting workouts will keep the holiday blues at bay, helping you stay positive and motivated throughout the holiday season.  Need more arousal?  Here you go!

Regular Workouts Will:

1.  Keep you feeling sexy and attractive, Love your body!

2.  Regulate the grumpy’s, be happy!

3.  Increase and maintain stamina, strength and flexibility, you’ll need it!

4.  Charge your metabolism, controlling your weight!

5.   Allow you to have your cake AND eat it! Guilt Free!

6.   Keep you fit for your future!

The Workout

Shock your body and motivation into gear with this fast-paced 60 minute circuit training workout.  Just what this personal trainer ordered!

Complete 12-16 repetitions of each of the following exercises except for plank ( high pushup position) hold for 60 seconds.  60 seconds for AB work and cardio drills, as well.

Try using heavier weights than usual.  If you normally use 8 pound dumbbells for bicep curls, use 10 pounds.  Use 12  or 15 pound dumbbells for squats and lunges instead of 8 or 10 pounds.  Get the idea?   Your muscles will love you for the overload of weight.  It’s a body shocker for sure!  What achestpressonball difference this kind of workout can make.

Start with 10 rounds of  yoga sun salutation “A” to get your body and mind ready. Move from standing tall with your arms reaching overhead, to forward fold, step back to high pushup into low pushup, open into up dog or cobra, finish in downward facing dog for 3 deep breaths. As I said, do 10 even 15 rounds of this awesome warmup. Move slowly and mindfully through this warm up. Breathe deeply. Exhale completely.

1.  Pushups on your toes (knees if necessary)

2.  Dumbbell chest press on a big ball or Bosu Trainer

3.  Ab curl-ups on the ball or Bosu

4.  Plank followed by forearm plank 60 seconds each

5.  Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope or Run (in place, on the treadmill or up and down the stairs)

6.  Dumbbell front raises

7.  Dumbbell side raises with a deep plie’

8.  Standing Bicep Curls

9.  Walking lunges with weights

10.  Deep squats with dumbbells

11.  Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks, or Run

12.  Cool down and stretch after you finish the third round

Remember this: Move quickly between sets.  No rest between exercises.  You can rest for one minute between rounds.  3 rounds is a charm.  Always use good form.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program!

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