Stay Healthy During Your Workout in 5 Minutes!

Women on treadmilsHere are 5 quick “no brainer” habits to keep you healthy while working out! The best part is…it only takes 5 minutes!

1. Wash your hands.  Are you completely sick of hearing this? Too bad! Wash before and after your workout. 30 seconds each time! Of course, if you sneeze or cough into your hands you’ll have to wash again.

2. Wipe down all cardio and weight equipment with disc cleaner or alcohol wipes when you are done. 2 minutes!

3. Wear clean flip-flops before showering in public showers. 15 seconds!

4. Bring your own towel to wipe off sweat during your workout. 15 seconds.

5. Get out of your sweaty workout clothes as soon as you finish your workout. One minute.

How easy was that?

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