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Whatever Happened to Charismatic and War Emblem?

28emblem.1.190Do you remember these two magnificent racehorses? Each won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes in 1999 and 2002 respectively. It’s been a mere 10 years ago for Charismatic and just seven for War Emblem. Time passes so quickly for us, yet not for these two national treasures. Not for the way they are living. I will tell you about them.

Both these horses did not make the Belmont and so were sold to Japanese racehorse breeders in 2002. This was the same year that Ferdinand, a Kentucky Derby winner, was slaughtered by the Japanese! After many hours of undercover investigation it was found that thousands of racehorses are sent to slaughter every year. Thousands, every year for human consumption and pet food.

War Emblem refuses to breed, maybe because he was so jacked-up on steroids in his racing years. Charismatic apparently hasn’t produced a successful racing baby. Their fate doesn’t look good.

Horseracing has become bigger in Japan than anywhere else in the world. Yet, how are these winning horses rewarded after all the involuntary servitude for years? They stud and/or are traded. They race cheap races, they are traded some more and finally turned over to “meat men” right from the track for a horrific journey to slaughter where they become a butchered carcass turned into food. I’m nauseous writing about it. Apparently the value of a racehorse drops dramatically.

100,000 of our beloved American horses are transported in despicable conditions to Canada or Mexico every year where they are sold to Japan. 12,000 are racehorses. None should be making this trip. Zero!You can help end this horrific ordeal. In fact, I am asking you to please help. All you need to do is go to ntra.com, click on “Industry” and scroll half way down to Alex Waldrop. Click on his name and drop him a note. I do it daily! All I say is, “How can we stop supplying the meat men in Japan?” After all, he’s the president and CEO of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.By the way, if any of you would like to see a racehorse that was saved we have one at Sasha Farm and he’s gorgeous! He was in training and broke his ankle. His trainer couldn’t bear to have him shot. For $2000 he was transported from Tennessee to Sasha Farm and he is heavenly. Go to www.sashafarm.org or come on out there with me and I’ll show you around. Bring plenty of carrots!

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