Turn up your workout!

turnupworkoutsYou have good intentions to work out, you really do. You get out of bed, grab your Ipod and start loading it with songs, only to realize you’re bored with your music and it never really amps you up anyway. So, you blow off your workout and replace it with a few extra minutes in bed with your remote in hand.

Music is an essential piece to the workout puzzle. The right music can turn your workout up to the next level, while the wrong music can have you huffing and puffing and swearing off workouts for life.

It can be very overwhelming to pick the right mix of music to workout to. Even if you get past the boredom you have with your music collection your first song might be too fast and your next song might be too slow. Finding the right balance is essential to a strong workout.

So, how do you achieve the perfect balance?

Pick songs that have the same or similar tempo.

Wrong Mix: Leona Lewis — Bleeding Love to Cobra Starship — Good Girls Go Bad

Right Mix: Beyonce — Sweet Dreams to Shakira — She Wolf

Both the Beyonce song and Shakira songs are roughly the same tempo and therefore will give you a good smooth transition and keep your heart rate and intensity level in the center.

Pick the right music for your workout intensity level

If you’re out for a leisurely walk, instead of Cascada — Evacuate the Dancefloor you might want to pick something with a little less intensity like Mariah Carey — It’s Like That.

Turn it up nice and loud

This seems pretty simple right? Turn up your music, but no matter what intensity you’re working out at and what tempo the music is, having it turned down so only a mouse can hear it, just won’t do the trick. So TURN IT UP and get the most out of your workout.

Adam De Young is a former DJ/Music Director and is a workout junkie. If you need help with picking the right music you can visit turnupmyworkout.com. Just pick your favorite kind of music and the intensity level at which you workout and we’ll e-mail you a playlist to get you moving!

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