Green Angel Recycling

greenrecylingDear Friend,

My name is Jeffrey Jonna. I am a 26 year old male with special needs and recently graduated from Visions Unlimited in Farmington Hills. Although non-verbal, I have basic comprehension capabilities.

I will be a resident of a group home which will be managed by Angels Place, a faith-based organization that provides for the needs of adults with disabilities. For more information about Angel’s Place, please visit their website:

We have explored many vocational options and feel that this program, Green Angel Recycling, will provide a meaningful use of my time, as well as benefit others and the environment. Focus, hard work, and commitment will be the backbone of this venture.

Containers for aluminum cans and plastic bottles will be provided for placement in your home or business. We will coordinate a schedule to pick up and recycle the contents of the container. The revenue from your recyclables will be used to offset my operational costs and provide me with a daily activity. If you would like to participate in our program, please contact my caregiver and me at the email address listed above.


Jeffrey Jonna

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