Mobilize: 10 ways to get yourself moving and sneak exercise into your day.

  • Woman lifting weightsWalk around while you’re catching up on the phone. Head outside and go around the block while you chat or just pace around your house.
  • Instead of meeting your friend for dinner of drinks, go shopping. It will force you to walk around the town or mall, as opposed to sitting and eating.
  • Fire your cleaning service. Try dusting, sweeping and mopping yourself to burn more calories. Put some effort into it to work your muscles.
  • Remake the bed. Once you’ve had your morning coffee, take making the bed to the next level. Strip off all the sheets and blankets, then put them all back on again to get in some good stretching and light lifting.
  • Park further away at work, the grocery store, anywhere. Or if you’re in a structure, park on one of the upper levels and take the stairs down. The more walking you can get in, the better.
  • Exercise your legs at work or on the couch. When sitting in a chair or love seat, mimic leg lifts by lifting one leg so that it is parallel to the floor and hold for a few seconds, lower and repeat with the opposite leg.
  • Make a workout out of getting up in the morning. When you wake up after a long night’s slumber, you always stretch out your limbs. Take that one step further by getting out of bed and spending ten minutes stretching your arms, legs, neck and back. It will help tone your body and get blood flowing.
  • Tend to the yard. Although there might not be any more grass to mow or leaves to rake, there is snow to shovel, ice to chip and calories to burn.
  • Get the groceries. Need ingredients to make warm winter stew? Head to the grocery store and get a big cart to push up and down the aisles, getting the heaviest items first. Peruse every aisle instead of just going straight to where your ingredients are.
  • When lying on your back reading or watching TV, lift both your legs so they are just an inch off the ground, slowly spread them apart, then hold for a few seconds.

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Mobilize: 10 ways to get yourself moving and sneak exercise into your day

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