Germs Beware!

  1. By now everyone is well aware that flu season is upon us, and with hysteria surrounding H1N1, we must all be on our toes to keep away from germs. But where are these dreaded flu disseminators? Where do germs live? Well, they’re everywhere, but some places are simply more germier than others. Here is a list (in no particular order) of the top 10 germiest places.
  2. ATM buttons. ATM buttons have more bacteria on them than public bathroom doorknobs.
  3. Gym handles and workout mats. Everyone sweats, coughs, sneezes on them but very few wipe them down.
  4. Airplane bathrooms. Fecal bacteria and E. coli are often found on the handles because of the difficulty washing hands in the small bathroom presents. Additionally, when the toilet flushes, the pressure sprays particles into the air, landing on the sink, seat and walls.
  5. Your kitchen sink including the basin, faucet, handles and sponge. Most kitchen sinks are dirtier and carry more bacteria than bathrooms.
  6. The bottom of your purse. Think about it; you put it down everywhere so it picks up virtually everything.
  7. Playgrounds. They’re like the equivalent of 100 preschool classrooms. Everything kids ooze and rub on themselves – snot, saliva, mucus, boogers – is on every swing and monkey bar.
  8. A wet load of laundry. Transferring wet, dirty underwear and towels to the dyer, spreads E. coli to your hands, load and machine.
  9. Public drinking fountains, especially those on school grounds. Between the germs from people’s hands and mouths, and the residual moisture on the spigot that encourages bacteria to fester, germs can run amuck.
  10. Shopping cart handles. Almost everyone who comes into contact with the shopping cart, including kids, cashiers and food samples touch these. Be wary since you’re putting your food there.
  11. Your shower/ bathtub. All the germs you’ve acquired throughout the day are being washed off here and typically left on the floor. Unless you’re scrubbing down your shower floor after every washing, there’s a pretty good chance it’s loaded with tons of bacteria.


Please refer to our daily about proper hand washing!

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