Attack your Treadmill Burn More Fat!

Women on treadmilsAre you tired of the same, old and boring treadmill workout? Has your routine become nothing more than routine, as you lope along at the same speed and incline day after day? Does it seem more like “sleep walking?”

It’s easy to become comfortable with a workout. However, if we are too ho-hum and familiar with a workout, our body becomes lazy and less responsive to our fat burning needs. You must challenge your body in different ways and work your muscles with unfamiliar exercises to burn away the fat layers.

Here’s a way to super-charge, reinvent, and amp up your calorie burn during your 30 – 45 minute treadmill workout:

In Your Face Rules:

  • Put down the clicker
  • Turn off your phone
  • No texting

These things are distracting and will slow you down!

Do this instead:

Download a playlist of your favorite music onto your Ipod or put on an energizing CD. If you don’t mind head phones, put them on.

Pick up a set of 3-5 pound dumbbells. You will use them while running or walking on the treadmill.

Go to the bathroom before you begin your workout.

If you don’t like exercising alone, enlist a workout buddy who is willing to work as hard or harder than you.

Commit to kicking your butt for 30-45 minutes.

Don’t forget your water bottle and a towel.

Start strong and finish strong!

The Workout

With light dumbbells in hand, walk at a warmup pace for five minutes. Rhythmically, move your arms close to your sides.

Increase your speed to approx. 4.0 at a 3 – 5% incline for five minutes. Perform bicep curls, lateral raises, shoulder presses, and upright rows. Switch exercises every 16 repetitions for the five minutes.

Pick your speed up for some intervals. Alternate a jog or run for six minutes. If you can’t jog or run, speed walk as fast as you can. Don’t put those dumbbells down. Maintain your incline of 3 – 5%.

Slow your speed to 4.0 – 4.3 for five minutes and repeat your arm exercises.

Beginning at 5% increase your incline by 1% every 30 seconds until you reach 12%. This is just like mountain climbing. How fun is that? Stay at 12% for two entire minutes.

Bring your incline down to 3% and your speed to 2.5 to 3.5 mph. Start lunging and keep it up for two minutes. Focus on moving forward as you lunge. Pay attention! You want both feet to stay on the treadmill at all times. In other words…don’t fall off! Skip happily for one minute. (You can do it!) Increase your incline by 1 -2 % and lunge for another minute or two. Walk backwards for a minute. Sideways shuffle/leap for one minute on each side.

Finish strong with a two minute sprint without dumbbells. Speed walk, run or jog.

Time to cool down! Gradually reduce your speed and bring your incline to level ground. 3 – 5 minutes please.

P.S. One of my favorites! Next time you attack the treadmill try randomly jumping off and run up and down your stairs 5 times with your dumbbells. This is a torcher!

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