Motivate, Mobilize, Maintain for a Healthy Winter Season

Part 1

I love winter. When it’s cold and snowy out I love bundling up in a cozy sweater with a mug of hot chocolate and just sitting on the couch for some prime veg time. However as utterly enjoyable as this winter pastime is, I have a tendency to indulge in it a bit too often, resulting in some serious sluggishness and definitely unwanted poundage. I’d like to avoid that this year, as I’m sure would many others. To help keep me on task I’ve made three lists of ways to help myself motivate, mobilize and maintain a healthy lifestyle this winter. I’m going to choose one item from each list everyday. Hopefully this will help keep my body in tip top shape, all year long. Let’s see how I do, and how you do! Winter: bring it.

Motivate : 10 ways to inspire yourself to stay in shape.

  • Plan outdoor activities with friends so you will look forward to heading outside and won’t be tempted to back out.
  • Right when you wake up, open the blinds or turn on the lights to brighten the room and your mood.
  • Be around positive people. A lot of people aren’t fans of winter and like to mope around until it gets warmer. If your friend is one of them, don’t let his or her negative attitude affect yours. Find a ski enthusiast or expert fort builder that loves snow to put a positive spin on the cold.
  • Set weekly or monthly goals, such as watching less TV or exercising more often. Then give yourself a reward when they are accomplished. If your goal was to watch less TV, treat yourself to a new DVD. If it was to exercise more, splurge on a new ipod or workout clothes.
  • Exercise in the lighter hours. There’s fewer of them in the winter, but you’re more likely to work out harder and longer when the sun is out, rather than when you’re stuck staring into the darkness.
  • Revel in the cold and go ice skating, skiing or snow-shoeing. All major calorie burning exercises that leave you feeling happy, energized and thinking positively about winter.
  • Enroll in a yoga or kickboxing class. Knowing there is a schedule you have to stick to, as well people expecting you to show up, you’re more likely to follow through with your exercise plans. Especially if you’ve already paid for them.
  • It’s easy to put off working out when your body is buried in clothing, but knowing that you’ll have to reveal that body soon will motivate you to stay in shape. So book a trip to warm and sunny location where you’ll be wearing skimpier clothing. If you can’t book one, remind yourself that the warmer months are coming soon and you’ll be ditching your sweaters for shorts in no time.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. No one wants to be cold, so don’t dress to make yourself that way. Layer up with sweaters, scarves, coats, gloves and hats. If you’re warm and cozy, there’s no reason not to go outdoors and get moving.
  • Don’t go outside. If winter weather seriously disagrees with you or you’re sensitive to the cold, stay inside and exercise with a workout DVD.

Motivate, Mobilize, Maintain for a Healthy Winter Season

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