No Family, Just C-Section Scars

iStock_000005394581XSmallThis is not “Animal Joy.” What is this? “Numbers. No names.” What is this? This is the starting point of awareness. You have a right to know where some of those cute little puppies are coming from. If your puppy or dog is from a pet store or a breeder chances are it has come from a horribly abused mom and/or dad. Let me be clear that not all breeders are bad news but to see where most of our beloved pets start out please read this account from my friend’s undercover work she did recently.

She (I am intentionally withholding her name) was just one of a few of those “non-regulars” who showed up at this gathering out in Amish land where dogs utilized strictly as breeding machines were traded and auctioned off like nothing more than farm equipment. In fact, you had to climb up and into a semi truck trailer to view the cages stacked 4 high and 12, or more, long (with no flooring) to see these poor desperate dogs. The ASPCA tried to go undercover and was “escorted out.” My friend was able to stay perhaps because she didn’t try to use a camera. She had a hard time though in hiding her curious and longing eyes.

Please read her account of her day in Ohio. From then on just stay away from pet stores. There are plenty of resources for getting a great dog whether it’s a purebred or a mixed breed. Look for the list of resources and other information for help in adopting a great pet followed by her article.

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