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I am a 44- year- old healthy and fit female.

I have belly flab and I absolutely despise the way my stomach area looks. The rest of my body looks pretty good but my belly area really bothers me. I workout six days a week. I power walk and run and take spinning classes for cardio and fat burning. I also lift light weights and get flexibility exercise in a class two or three times a week. I’m not one of those lazy exercisers. I really push myself to get the most from my workouts. I think my diet is reasonably healthy. What can I do besides getting a tummy tuck or liposuction?

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Great question! You certainly are not alone with your frustration over excess belly fat and skin. I have a few suggestions for you. First, if you have had children this may account for some of the extra and loose skin you are crying about. Unfortunately, our skin stretches, often beyond acceptable limits during pregnancy. If you have had a few pregnancies the problem may be worse. Some woman are blessed with good genetics and their skin bounces right back without a trace of fat to be found. ( We like them anyway). This is not the case for most of the women I know.

  1. Try changing your abdominal routine from the floor to a stability ball and Bosu trainer. Traditional crunches on the floor are limiting and not terribly effective by themselves. By working your abdominal muscles on the big ball you will achieve a  greater range of motion, thereby affecting more muscle area in your mid section. Your legs, back and butt muscles will also be working hard to keep your body stable on the ball while performing your abdominal exercises. Overall, the big ball will give your belly  more bang for your time, with better results.
  2. Heavy up on the weights! While using 3-5 Lb. dumbbells twice a week is far better than no weight training, you could do better considering your present fitness level and strength. Try using 5-10 Lb. weights three times a week, depending on the exercise. This will place more load on the muscles which will stimulate the growth of new muscle fibers. Remember, weightlifting is the key to stimulating your metabolism. Your body will burn  more energy during the day and night. This may be just the trick to burn off a layer or two of belly fat and reveal your beautiful, toned abdominal muscles.
  3. Oh Yeah, your diet! Lean and clean is key. There is no way around the fat other than to eliminate nasty fats and white sugar from your diet. Portion control, tons of fruit and vegetables, ample high fiber grains and water weigh in as well.

In your face! If you are not going to control what goes in your mouth it will show up on your butt, belly and everywhere else it wants to. Please read our recent post about “Weight Loss.” Click here!

This article will give you simple and necessary advice for weight loss. “Snack and Binge Control” will help you battle binges and cravings. Check out “Feed your Face” for healthy foods and great recipes.

Try these suggestions for three weeks and let us know how you are doing. My guess is your hard work and dedication will be worth the belly fat loss. Good luck to you!


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