Fall Beauty 2009


This fall’s top beauty trends as seen on the runways, in the magazines and on the streets.

Red Lips: Apply a deep brick red stick at the center of the lips and spread outwards with your fingers so that there are no hard edges. Skip the eye makeup or at least go light on the smoke effect. Too much will take away from the lips and make you look vampy – not in a good way.

Full, Defined Brows: Stick with the natural shape of your brows, but allow them to fill in a bit more. Keep those stragglers at the ends to elongate your brows. Then use an angled brush to apply powder the same shade as your brows, tracing along the bottom of the brow to avoid an overdramatic look. Keep the rest of your makeup simple. If you’re going really dark and defined, skip eyeliner and use a natural looking mascara to keep peepers looking fresh.


Buns: Loose and effortless or slicked back and sleek; either way pick a bun show off you face and shoulders. Keep them lower for a more of the moment look.

Tousled Waves: A summer hair staple that still looks appropriate for fall, messy waves are back again. To get them, use a large barreled curling iron and wrap hair around it loosely. Hold only for a few seconds, then finger-comb curls out for a casual, undone look.

Flush Cheeks: Use a pink powder blush high on the cheekbones rather than the apples, for a fresh, yet sophisticated look. Brush towards the hairline to get a natural just-walked-through-the-wind look.

Gilded Eyes: In keeping with rosy cheeks, eyeshadows are also having a sweet moment. Layer glitzy gold and coppers of over muted browns to achieve a slightly gilded rose-gold effect.

Plumped Up Lower Lashes: Pile on a thickening mascara or even add a few falsies to your lower lash set to accentuate your bottom line for a dramatic nighttime look.

Bare Faced: Barely-there makeup for daytime is making a comeback. Use a lightweight tinted moisturizer for coverage, of if you’re blessed with blemish-free skin, skip it and just dab some concealer under the eyes. For a hint of color, apply tinted lip balm in berry or posy pink.

Hair Accessories: Accent your updo with accessories for your hair. Use button barrettes, multiple rosettes or feathers to add interest to your hair. Check out headbands too, ones with braids, metal or studs. Sport them with slightly mussed hair.

Pick any one of these trends and make them your own – just don’t wear them all at once.

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  1. joy cantor says:

    fabulous tips; time to change my lipstick! thanks….

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