Clear the Air!

Breathe better air this winter with these powerhouse super plants

Palms plants, Rubber plants, Florist’s Mums

In the early 1980s, when NASA scientists were searching for ways to purify the air inside the space pods of the future, they set their sights well beyond engineering a costly, high tech filtering system. They turned to the humble houseplant. Amidst the cold and dry days of winter there awaits a breath of fresh clean air. NASA teaches us that certain plants will help absorb nasty pollutants and toxins lurking in our home and office. Bill Wolverton, PhD, helped pioneer the NASA studies to select a trio of potted powerhouses. Specific Palms, Rubber plants and Florist’s Mums are the winners! For best results, Benjamin Gluck, our horticulture specialist, recommends covering the soil with a one-inch layer of pebbles or decorative gravel, which reduces the risk of mold and bacteria.


The Powerhouses

Palms: bamboo, lady, and areca varieties

Palms not only are top performers in removing airborne toxins but can add up to a liter of moisture to the air per day-perfect for counteracting the desert-dry effects of winter.

Rubber Plant

This thirsty mainstay is perfect for rooms that don’t receive much sunlight during the winter months. Rubber plants are particularly adept at filtering formaldehyde, which is found in many adhesives and floor coverings.


Florist’s Mums

In cheerful reds, pinks, and yellows, this flowering plant is an excellent filter of airborne chemicals such as benzene (emitted by gasoline, ink, paint, and pesticides) and ammonia (common in cleaning supplies).

Most of us want to do whatever we can to create a clean and healthy living environment for our families. Placing these reasonably priced plants in our homes not only helps us breathe better air but also provides beautiful eye candy. Perfect for a happier mood on those dreary winter days!

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