Silver Linings: Surviving Breast Cancer

Helping Women Beat Cancer Even After the Treatments are Over

Surviving cancer is unmeasurable accomplishment, an exhausting and challenging process both physically and mentally. It is a battle that can take a huge toll on a survivor’s mind, body and spirit. The healing process doesn’t end when the cancer is gone.

The Silver Linings Program, sponsored by Beaumont Oncology Services Philanthropy, is aimed at provided post-cancer women with the tools and support system to live a healthy and fulfilling life after cancer. Together, the participants of Silver Linings work on the physical, spiritual and emotional impacts of the disease; and share in surviving cancer.


Silver Linings is made up of two components; the first is an eight-week mindfulness class, and the second a fundraiser and fitness opportunity supported by the Beaumont Foundation, in which cancer survivors, their family and friends, have an opportunity to train for and participate in a local sprint triathlon. The program is offered to survivors of breast and ovarian cancer as well as any other variation of female cancer.

The Silver Linings Program can help women overcome emotions such as anxiety, fatigue, depression, fear and pain. It is designed to help women achieve personal goals such as stress reduction, peace of mind, improved physical fitness and eating habits.

Participants of the program have found that Silver Linings improved several aspects of their life, including their sense of well-being and hope, their body image and sexuality, physical strength and endurance, their weight and eating habits, and their relationships.

Silver Linings seeks to provide women with the tools to help themselves in recovery through techniques such as meditation, yoga, spacious listening and writing. It also recommends readings about mindfulness, healing and nutrition.

The program has intimate class sizes and is for women who have completed cancer treatments or are receiving stable, long-term treatment. There is no charge. Silver Linings is led by workshop leader and Beaumont physician Dr. Ruth Lerman, who specializes in breast disease and mindbody medicine. A breast cancer survivor herself, Lerman developed the Silver Linings program based on her professional and personal experiences.

To find out more information about the Silver Linings Program, visit or email the program at For more questions contact Pam Jablonski, the Administrative Assistant at the Beaumont Breast Care Center at (248) 551- 4645.

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