Laundry Basket Presses

An unusual but every effective squat and press! Forever change the way you look at your clothes-filled laundry basket!

  1. Set your filled basket of clothes on the floor
  2. Plant your feet firmly on the floor, hip distance apart. Bend your knees and shoot your hips way back. Squat as low as you comfortably can.
  3. With your belly in tight hold on to the sides of your laundry basket. Look straight ahead.
  4. Stand straight up and press the basket over your head.
  5. Lower the basket back to the floor. Be sure to stay in a squat position while doing this.
  6. Repeat the laundry basket press 8-12 times.

Try lifting off your heels when the basket is over your head. Relive’ 8-12 more times. This will strengthen your feet, ankles and calves! How about folding those clothes while balancing on one foot. Fold three pieces of clothing on both sides!

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