How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Bring snacks all the time. Get a box of fiber-filled, low-cal granola bars to take with you for on the plane and when you reach your destination.Snack on one at when you’re lying on the beach or during a mid-day shopping marathon. It’s more satisfying than a 400-calorie cookie from a nearby coffee shop, because it will fill you up and stave off major hunger attacks.

If you’re vacationing with family or friends who aren’t as interested in keeping up with their exercise routines, make sure you get moving before them. Wake up an hour earlier and go the hotel’s gym. If they don’t have one, go explore and take a run near your hotel. Ask the concierge for scenic routes.

Don’t let the allure of being in foreign place make you forget your diet. Try all the local flavor, but snack smartly. If you know you want to have something heavy or greasy like Paella for dinner, make sure you eat healthily during the day, sticking with favorites like oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and salmon and veggies for lunch.

If you’re traveling alone or for work, bring fitness DVDs and do them in your hotel room before going to bed. Just make sure to do some meditative breathing or a relaxing cool-down so you can still fall asleep after.

Vacation usually means a of eating out, so make sure you order smartly. Get foods grilled or baked and ask for dressings and sauces on the side. Most places will substitute vegetables for starchy carbs like potatoes, even if it doesn’t say so on the menu.

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