Apples for Everyone

There are about 2500 varieties of apples grown in U.S., which means tons of flavors and textures to choose from. Here’s a rundown on some of the most popular apples around this autumn:

  • Red Delicious: Sweet, crisp and is best served fresh or in a salad.
  • Golden Delicious: Sweet and tender. Perfect pie-baking.
  • Granny Smith: Tart and Crisp.
  • Jonathan: Semi-tart, tender and good in just about anything.
  • Rome Beauty: Tart and firm. A fresh eating favorite.
  • Winesap: Slightly spice. A great way to add unexpected flavor to traditional apples dishes.
  • Gala: Sweet, crisp and versatile. Flavor blends well.
  • Jonagold: Not sweet, but not tart either. A baking favorite.
  • McIntosh: Tart and tender. An old favorite at the orchard.
  • Criterion: Sweet, complex and crisp. A little less common, so the flavor is harder to place.

Apple Prep: How to Pick,

Store and Serve

Autumn means apples for everyone: you, your family and friends. To make sure everyone gets a taste of the freshest any yummiest, get caught up on how to pick, prep and store your apples.

When at the store or the orchard, pick apples that are firm, brightly colored and devoid of bruises or dents.

Though it’s tempting to try and buff an apple clean on your shirt, it’s always best to wash and scrub apples. Apples bought at the grocery store are often waxed before their put on shelves, sealing in any remaining pesticides that may have gotten stuck on the skin.

Apples thrive best in humid air, so store them in a cool refrigerator drawer to keep them at their crispest. If left out on the counter, apples can ripen too quickly and become mealy.

Apples are best eaten within two weeks if store in the fridge and two days if kept at room temperature.

But don’t peel your apples, you’ll remove lots of healthy antioxidants and fiber along that are found in the skin.

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