Add a Little Oomph to Your Smile!

Plies,’Relives’and Pearly whites in 5 minutes flat! A new kind of morning exercise routine…

This exercise daily was inspired from a client, Elaine Polk

Elaine likes to work on developing her balance while brushing her teeth in the morning. This may even be helpful for working on coordination skills. Have you ever tried brushing your teeth while performing a series of relives’? Without holding on to the counter? Holding your toothbrush in the opposite hand? This will defintely challenge your brain! Add a set of plies’ into the mix 8-12 at a time, and you have it all going on!

My Dad always said, “what ever works.” This will strengthen your body from the waist down and get your blood flowing first thing in the morning.

If you brush your teeth 3 times a day ….imagine the benefits!

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