LUNGevity: Lung Cancer Walk


Dear Friends,

Because of your individual support and unwavering belief, you helped me tackle the most daunting challenge of my life – Lung Cancer.

Today, I am Strong. Today, I am a Survivor.

Yet, there are others not as fortunate. Each year Lung Cancer kills more people than all other cancers combined. It affects non-smokers, smokers and past smokers alike. The fight to cure lung cancer is under funded and under researched.

You have the power to change this. I am asking you, my friends, to join me in my support of the Metro Detroit Lung Cancer Walk which will take place October 25th, at 12:30 PM at Drake Park in West Bloomfield .

Join my team, Aviva’s Breath of Life in supporting the walk in three ways:

  • Participate in the Walk by registering on line or at the event
  • Contribute to the event on the internet
  • Contribute to the event by sending a check to Lungevity Foundation, in care of my team, Aviva’s Breath of Life

Your help as a member of my team will benefit the Lungevity Foundation, a non profit organization committed to funding research into detection, treatment and cure of Lung Cancer. Every dollar raised will be matched by the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association, effectively doubling the impact we can make.

Help breathe energy and awareness into this battle to cure Lung Cancer. Help me give Lung Cancer patients hope. Everyone deserves a tomorrow. By giving to Aviva’s Breath of Life today, you bring tomorrow one step closer. Just believe in the possibilities!

Much love and thanks,


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