Chair Pose or Utkatasana

Some people see chair pose as a pose of willpower, when in essence it is not a pose to push through, but a pose to allow concepts of difficulty and struggle to melt away in. The sensation of strength that comes from chair pose can be energizing and empowering.


  • Increases circulation in the legsshapeimage_17
  • Develops strength and stability
  • Firms legs, back, shoulders, and abdominals
  • Strengthens feet


Begin with your foundation, Mountain pose. Press into the ground with your feet and engage your core. Take the hands out in front of you so that your arms are parallel to the floor. Exhale and bend the knees sitting the butt backwards and the torso slightly forward as if you are trying to sit into a chair behind you. Keep the shoulders reaching back over the hips and the face relaxed.Take several breaths before
straightening the legs back to Mountain Pose.

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