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bonnies-bagsAnyone who has been in the market for a new non-leather purse in the last year or so has probably noticed a plethora of bags made from a variety of materials including nylon, cloth, pleather, vinyl, recycled rubber, canvas, straw, and who knows what else?

Well, I didn’t mention knit bags because I wanted it to stand out on its own, just as the artist of these gorgeous bags does!  Bonnie Laker Winkler has been creating and hand making beautiful and unique wearable knit bags for about 10 years.  They are animal friendly, made locally and green.Bonnie has been a local fiber artist since the early 90’s.  Looking for a special purse to wear to a party, Bonnie spotted a beautiful knit pouch with a beaded handle, and thought “I can make that,” and the rest is, as they say, history!

I have three of Bonnie’s bags and was attracted by the fact that they are made of yarn from lamas or alpacas.  Yarn, not hide, skin or fur.  Plus, the handles are wood, rope, chain, beaded or some other creative material Bonnie has come up with!  So if you’re like me, often you find a great fabric bag but it has leather handles. What’s the point then? With Bonnie’s works of art you get 100% animal friendly!

Watch out for this local artist — she has recently added a line of scarves, shawls (soft ,yet not furry!) and women’s tallit and Comfort Talisman (no leather!)

Her newest idea as of this summer: rugs made from recycled T-shirts!  Natural, green, washable and fun!  Hmmm, maybe she’ll make me a black and white one, you know, the zebra look!

To locate Bonnie go to

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