Stair Squats and RUN

No time to get to the gym?
We have the perfect at home quick exercise routine for you!

This mini workout is ideal to get your heart pumping, your butt and thighs in shape, and your metabolic fire burning first thing in the morning!

Stand sideways (your right side) next to the bottom of your staircase. Place your right foot on the bottom step while your left foot remains on the floor.  Rest your hands on your hips or on the top of your thighs. Look straight ahead and hold your belly in tight. Bend your knees deeply and reach your butt back.  (This is the squat part) Try to get your thighs parallel to the floor. The lower you go, the more you feel! Push off the step with your right foot and come back to a standing position on the floor. Repeat this squat 8 more times on the right side. Now, do it on your left side.

  • Run up and down your stairs 8 times!
  • Repeat the Push off Squats!
  • Run the stairs again!
  • Repeat the Squats again!
  • Run/walk the stairs for your last step!
  • Stretch and go on with your day!

Feel free to add 3-10 weights to your routine. Leave the weights on your steps. They will serve as a constant reminder to get your workout in before you leave for work!

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