Spirituality Made Simple

namaste-poseYou are already spiritual.

There is no getting there because you are already here. Like breathing, you cannot be alive without having first been developed out of miraculous consciousness, a.k.a. spirit. Furthermore, that which is definitive of your developed, individual person and that which is infinitive or omnipresent cannot exist without each other. Life is not funneled; it is omnipresent, yet as individuals it is funneled through our own realities. Personal realities are what create the belief that you are or are not a “spiritual person,” when in essence spirituality is all that created you and all that you are.

I have a friend that often states, “I have always been very spiritual.” This to me is an obvious and redundant statement. By stating, “I” you are acknowledging that you are in existence and by being in existence you are automatically “spiritual.” Of course, you too have always been a spiritual person, as everyone is always spiritual. What she means when she affirms this is that she has always been aware of and in contact with her spirituality, which is what people who practice yoga as a means to connect with consciousness aspire to be. There is really no achievement to be made or ladder to climb, because the destination exists in every moment.

Every time you take a breath and focus on it, you are getting it.

What yoga teaches is different techniques to yoke; a means of re-acquainting yourself with spirituality. Every time you take a breath and focus on it, you are getting it. Feel the newness of each posture every time you come into them. Experience the life in the yoga room, be it the other people, music, candles, incense, or sweat on your mat. In this way you can really acknowledge and honor individuals and the unique ways spirituality shows itself.


Journal Questions:
How do you honor yourself as spiritual?
When do you feel the most aligned with your source?
What takes you out of contact with the present moment?

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