Taking Ownership

iStock_000001029047XSmallOn my way to take Michelle Ploog’s “Heart of Courage” workshop, I was listening to one of Baron Baptiste’s Teacher Insight CDs, and ironically he said being courageous is about taking ownership.This statement could not have come at a better time for me.

When I began to journal on what being courageous means to me, I realized it is about taking ownership for who I am, where I am in my life as well as what is going on in my body.  It is not easy to fully take responsibility for everything in our life which is precisely why it takes courage. However, something clicked and I was no longer afraid about certain situations that had been bothering me.

By simply acknowledging in that moment that I truly am responsible for all of myself I came to a sense of ease and a “so what” yet forgiveness realization.

I was able to get over feeling sorry for myself, being upset and just accept that this is where I am at, so be it!

In that moment of taking ownership I took back my power and stopped trying so hard.

When you are in your truth and take accountability for your life,people don’t have sympathy for you, so that’s why we tend tocreate drama and stories and make things so difficult.  We then seek people out who listen to our stories and will give sympathy to support our, as Baron says, pathetic way of being and in
that we are supporting them, the listener, in the same way. This is not a place of empowerment and growth but a stripping away of ours and those around us.

In that ownership there is huge relief because we are less chaotic in our head and less busy blaming others.  When you are honest with yourself and own your actions you give up the attempt to control others.

When we take ownership we realize things are not such a big deal.  It is what we create in our minds and our attachments to the situations that make it a big deal. By taking ownership you are being honest with yourself and creating the space to grow spiritually.  Catherine the Great said “the more a man knows the more he forgives.”  This is so true, the more you know, the more you take ownership consequently the more you are at peace with yourself, others around you and the world at large.  The more you take ownership for your actions the more you can let go and live fully.

Courageously be in the now moment to see what you see, to feel what you feel, to hear what you hear. Courageously live in each moment being fully present and fully alive!

With Love, Kiersten Mooney

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Kiersten K. Mooney is Owner and Director of Bala Vinyasa Yoga and is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Kiersten graduated with a double BA in Sociology, Exercise Sports Science and Sports Medicine (University of Miami) and went on to graduate studies in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. She has been a certified group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer since 1992, has done extensive research in sports-specific training and has been published in the field, she is also a Colorigized Wellness Trainer and RYT. Kiersten came to yoga in 1996, recognizing a potent fusion of physical, emotional, and spiritual empowerment. She is an ongoing student of Baron Baptiste and has also trained with Tias Little. Kiersten is a lululemon ambassador. “Teaching is a service. I hope that students feel like they’ve been given more than a class–that they’ve been given an experience.”

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