Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Although often times Tadasana is viewed as a “simple” posture or not even a posture at all, it is the seat, the base, the foundation for all other standing poses.  Also known as mountain pose, Tadasana is the standard anatomical position bringing the entire body into postural alignment.  If you find the Tadasana within each asana, you will find your yoga practice stronger and more effective.


  • Creates space within the body
  • Gives an emotional sense of confidence and happiness
  • Improves posture
  • Develops concentration, balance, coordination
  • Reduces flat feet
  • Strengthens whole body
  • Relieves back pain and sciatica


Stand with feet parallel, either toes touching or feet slightly apart and the arms by your sides.  Feel all four corners of each foot and press down evenly into the ground.  Lightly engage the quadriceps without locking the knees to stabilize the pelvic bowl.

Press your tailbone down and allow the spine to elongate lifting the side waist, the chest, and rolling the shoulders back and down.  Engage the core to lengthen the lumbar spine and reduce hyperextension of the low back.

Lengthen the back of the neck allowing the chin to be parallel to the earth.   Press down through the feet to embrace the grounding action of this posture and lengthen up out of the crown of the head to feel the uplifting element of this posture.

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