Take the Plunge! Rock Climbing, Water Running And Treading For A Kick Butt Workout!

In the Pool! Treading & The Rock Climber

You still have plenty of time to get your water workout in gear and work on your tan…all in one hour!

Hopefully you have been wearing out your water exercise shoes while walking, lunging, jumping and running laps in the pool. Time to dive into the deep end! Shoes on or off…it’s up to you!

Grab a pool buoy or a kick board and hold it over your head while treading water for 5 minutes. Back in the day, while training for my water safety certification our coach made us use a 10 pound brick. So, consider yourself lucky!

Remember these important tips while treading water:

  • RELAX…tense muscles wastes a tremendous amount of energy!
  • Keep your leg movements small and your ankles relaxed!
  • Stay upright in the pool!
  • Keep your core muscles engaged!
  • Maintain smooth rhythmic breathing!
  • OPTION… Use your arms for treading water by sculling with your hands just under the water surface. Maintain an easy and relaxed pace!
  • NEXT….The Rock Climber

Head to the wall! Face the pool wall and hold on lightly with both hands. Place your right foot on the wall as close to the edge of the pool as you can. Keep your knees bent and tight into your body. Hold your belly tight as you switch your feet up and down the pool wall! This is rock climbing in the water! Do this for 30 repetitions at a time…swim or walk a couple of laps and repeat your rock climber exercise!

The routine looks like this:

  • Tread water for 5 minutes
  • Rock Climb for 1 minute
  • Walk or swim for 3 minutes

Repeat until you are exhausted!

Never swim alone! Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program!

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