Take the Plunge!: Part 2, Kick Up the Resistance

In the Pool! Kick up the resistance!

Hopefully, you spent the past week perfecting power walking and lunging in the pool!

Now, you are ready to take your water workout to the next level! Let’s try some interval training! Alternate your power walking with power running! Mix in some mountain climber intervals, high kicks and deep water treading! We are talking serious resistance and endurance training in the pool. Deep water drills can also be done in the lake!  Warning, never swim alone!

The Workout

  • Start with a moderate power walk for 3 minutes
  • Powerful lunging walk for 2 minutes
  • Run in place for 1 minute (get your knees up as high as you can)
  • Then move forward with your run for 1 minute
  • Back to a moderate walk for 1 minute
  • Alternate high kicks with your arms reaching to the sky for 1 min.
  • Moderate walk for 1 minute

Repeat numbers 2-6 one or two more times for an unbelievable interval training H2O workout! Add some great tunes for extra motivation and fun!

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