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While you may frequently hear about PETA’s massive victories, such as influencing the European Union’s recent decision to ban seal fur, there are plenty of smaller, less headline-grabbing ways that your support makes a difference in animals’ lives every single day.

A PETA staffer spotted Buxton the pup roaming the streets of Suffolk, Virginia, a city near PETA’s Norfolk offices. Just a few weeks old when he was found, he had already been a victim of abuse. A harness that had been placed on him at an early age was left on him as he grew, and it caused
a wound that became severely infected.

PETA took Buxton to an emergency veterinarian, who surgically removed the embedded harness and treated his deep cuts. PETA immediately set out to discover who was responsible for the disturbing negligence that had caused this sweet, energetic young pup so much pain. Within three days of finding Buxton, our caseworkers identified the people responsible for his suffering and filed cruelty-to-animals charges against them.

In mid-April, thanks to PETA’s careful documentation and testimony, both abusers–a mother and son–were convicted of cruelty to animals for the pain that they had allowed little Buxton to suffer. Their sentence includes not only fines and restitution for Buxton’s expensive medical care but also a permanent prohibition from owning or possessing companion animals!shapeimage_20-1

His wounds now healed, Buxton romps happily in the yard of the loving family that adopted him.

Every day, from back yards to shareholder meetings to courtrooms, PETA is making a difference in the lives of countless individual animals like Buxton thanks to your support. Please know that without caring members like you, none of our successes for animals–regardless of how big or small–would be possible.

Ingrid E. Newkirk

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