Why Can’t I Lose Weight

iStock_000001667800XSmallEach week I have clients come to my office and say: “I have no metabolism?” or “I am so confused on what to eat, high protein, no carbs, etc.??” or “I’ve tried every diet but give up after 2 weeks or two months? I exercise and nothing happens!”

I meet with clients individually and provide sensible, practical solutions to these statements. My clients leave with sample meals based on real foods they like from grocery stores or restaurants.

There are several different reasons why people get stuck at a weight or gain weight when they feel they are eating properly. There is no one DIET that works for everyone. When you are serious about improving your health and owning only one size clothing then you’re ready for a lifestyle approach. I design eating plans to match each person’s lifestyle, food preferences and metabolic needs.

Your metabolism slows down with age, so I teach my clients how to adjust their exercise and food intake to avoid the 2-5 pound a year slow weight gain. As Allison tells us, you must build muscle through weight lifting. In addition, we need yoga and pilates to supplement our fitness plan! Without these, your metabolism, flexibility, and bone density will decrease! One pound of muscle burns 35 calories every day, one pound of fat burns just 2 calories. Building and maintaining 2 pounds of muscle to your body would result in a 7 pound weight loss in a year.

Get the most out of your metabolism by getting it started with breakfast. EAT BREAKFAST within one hour of waking up. All you need is 100 calories to kick your metabolism up. Have a banana, one a slice of whole grain toast, or a yogurt.

Variety is a key. Clients that consume the same meals and snacks over and over often feel like they need bigger portions to be satisfied. (The calories in a microwave bag of popcorn are more than twice that of the 100 calorie mini bags). We also need variety in exercise or your metabolism will adjust. That is why Allison is always mixing up the exercise. It’s also why her classes always feel so hard; they are targeting our metabolism.

Some clients (more than you think) actually do not eat enough. Cutting your calories too low will prevent a weight loss!! For example, I have counseled several clients that starve their body Monday through Friday and than overeat on the weekend. If they are over 30, they will change their figure and it will result in belly fat!

Most clients consume more calories than they think. Just try writing down everything you eat in a day. It’s an eye opening experience. I ask all new clients to record their foods for three days prior to a visit. Most will find an average of 75-150 calories a day in noshing, ( just a bite of this or that while cooking, a couple of grapes from the fridge, the crust of a kid’s sandwich or one french fry, a few diet candies, a taste of your husbands entrée, a few healthy nuts). This habit can result in a 7-15 pound weight gain a year.

Some clients are surprised to learn about the calories in beverages. For example, not all martinis are the same size. Several restaurants and clubs in our area pour stiff drinks with 4 oz. of alcohol or 300 calories. A regular size martini or one 6 oz. glass of wine contains approx. 125 calories. Also, look out for the refilling glass of wine, it’s hard to know how much you have consumed.

Our lifestyle changes with age, a new job, a change in social activities, college lifestyles, empty nest, etc. I teach people to develop healthy eating habits in their new setting.

When you’re ready to begin to make a permanent change, one step at a time, please visit my website or call me for your first appointment to get started.

Gail Posner, R.D., M.S.

Healthy Ways Nutrition Counseling 248.855.4558

960 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI  48323

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