What is a Flexitarian?

iStock_000005662140XSmallWho is a Flexitarian?

A person who lives to be one hundred years and is really flexible?… I’ll tell you what…. Anyone who lives to this incredible age has got to be flexible…if you know what I mean….imagine all the crap a person puts up with for 100 years…they must have some seriously great stress management skills. All of the studies about centenarians suggest that these people don’t get stressed out easily in addition to embracing other positive mental, emotional and physical practices…of course good genetics are a biggie. We will discuss this in depth in our next newsletter.

A Flexitarian is a person just like you (not some wacko) who is inclined toward eating vegetarian. They want to eat less meat and more vegetables, fruits, plant foods and whole grains. Perhaps they are just more health conscious than they used to be, but are not quite ready to give up their chicken breast or occasional Big Mac. Flexitarians want the health benefits of eating vegetarian without having to give up meat altogether. My strickly vegetarian friends are not wacked either as some would like to believe…they just don’t want to eat any food product that once had a mother. Of course, there are other reasons for giving up meat or never starting in the first place. But, for now we are talking about FLEXitarians. Flexible eaters!!!! A part-time vegetarian perhaps. One who is learning or trying to substitute some of their animal diet preferences for beans, lentils, eggs, whole grains, quinoa, nuts, etc.

The health benefits of eating flexibly vegetarian are many. You’ll reduce the likelihood of diseases and cancers. Your blood pressure, glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels will plunge…who wouldn’t love that?

The flexitarians that I know refrain from eating meat one, two, three, even five times a week and replace this food with healthy vegetarian foods. Some families practice Meatless Mondays. This may be a wonderful way to teach our children about healthy and responsible dietary habits. Reducing your meat intake will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions…helping to secure a healthier environment. Your body will benefit greatly from this dietary modification. Do not worry!!!! There is plenty of protein to be had in spite of meat eating reduction….I am a flexitarian and I feel great. Actually, the less meat I eat the better I feel. Plus your intake of good fiber is bound to increase as your meat intake decreases…good for what ails you and a host of other wonderful benefits.

The health benefits of eating flexibly vegetarian are many. You’ll reduce the likelihood of diseases and cancers. Your blood pressure, glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels will plunge.Less meat, less stomach upset, less bloat…who wouldn’t love that? Vegetarians live approximately 3.6 years longer than meat eaters–and you can reap those benefits simply by eating more plant-based foods and less meat overall.Following a flexible vegetarian eating plan will also reflect on your waistline. Vegetarians on average weigh 15% less than non vegetarians. Think of it this way…six to twelve months of simply eating more plant-basedvfoods could leave you looking and feeling a lot lighter.

Keep in mind there will always be skeptics and cynics who feel that calling oneself a flexitarian is a whole lot of BS….what’s it to ‘em? Tell those people to mind their own little diet. My son is an opportunivore….now there’s an interesting word. He follows a vegetarian diet  99% of the time until a fabulously delicious looking  filet or hamburger catches his attention. Beefing (no pun here meant…really) up the veggies and whole grains, cutting back on meat, saving animals and helping the environment…it’s a good thing. Enjoy!!!

Looking for a great food read this summer? Pick up Barbara Kingsolver’s book,
“Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” or Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food.”

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  1. ThirstyApe says:

    Also check out Dawn Jackson Blatner’s The Flexitarian Diet http://dawnjacksonblatner.com/books/index.php

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