Think Before You Drink

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Did any of you ever think about where your milk for your cereal, your cream for your coffee or your ice cream, yogurt or cheese comes from?

If you’re anything like me then probably not much thought went into it.  Milk comes from cows, of course!  That’s plain and simple.  Who cares?  No harm, right?  Wrong!

After spending so much time at Sasha Farm interacting with the cows and watching these beautiful mammals eat, sleep and enjoy the sun every day, I started to wonder about their lives and a dairy cow’s life.  How were they different?

Dairy cows are artificially inseminated every year of their short life.  Every year!  And they are pregnant as long as we humans are–nine months!  This is done so they will lactate.  No pregnancy, no milk!  They are milked for 7 of the 9 months they are pregnant.  They are milked so much that their udders become irritated, inflamed and infected and so they are only “useful” for about 2 to 4 years.   A very short and tortured life–they are then slaughtered!   But before that, there are their babies!  Oh yes, what is cuter than a baby cow, a calf?  Well, the horrid news is this:  if the mom has a little girl she is turned into a dairy cow within a very short time.  If the mom has a baby boy he is slaughtered almost immediately (veal!).   And the mother cries (moos with anguish) for days because her babies are removed from her so quickly, not to mention the crying of the babies that did not get to bond with their mothers.

These wonderful, kind, beautiful creatures live an unimaginably cruel existence and they deserve so much more.  Please next time you go to buy a dairy product, just think about this article and maybe try soy.  There are fabulous soy creamers and soymilk products (Silk is a great product that comes in flavors and in low fat too.)   There’s a very good ice cream-type product (Purely Decadent) that I swear is just as good as Ben and Jerry’s!

Please just give this a try because if enough of us can shift our thinking just a little bit and change just one or two habits then we can cut down on all this cruelty out there.  Really, what is the difference between looking into your dog or cat’s eyes and the beautiful big brown eyes of a cow?

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  1. Miriam Milen says:

    Animal Joy,
    That was a very informative article!! You write beautifully. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of animals with us. Good job!!

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