Summertime Friends

shapeimage_15-1It’s summertime and animals abound everywhere! If you find a lost dog or cat and have tried to find its rightful owner but cannot, I have a resource that will help you and the animal. is a very good and reputable site. I sat down and perused their site for a couple of hours and found that they are a great resource for finding a “no kill” shelter or foster home in your area.  They are nationwide and utilize your zip code and state to hook you up!

Something else I discovered while researching their site was that they have an enormous adoption service for any breed or mixed breed of any age, size and personality trait. Any animal I requested adoption information on using my state and zip code popped up. They had every kind from greyhounds, labs, shitzus, huskys, poodles, terriers, collies and so on. It was hard not to click on
one and get it!

So if you find a dog or cat, or want to adopt a dog or cat please go to But if you find a goat, just get a hold of me and we’ll take him to Sasha Farm!

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