Snack and Binge CONTROL

iStock_000000720675XSmallHere is a sensible and civilized list of ideas for controlling your urge to snack and binge. Hopefully you will find some way here to support your efforts NOT to binge!

Some helpful tips from Gail Posner:

  • Try chewing sugar-free gum to get you past the urge to snack
  • WAIT 15 minutes once you feel the desire to snack. After waiting, you’ll often no longer want the snack.
  • Distract your desire for snacking with a different activity (e.g. reading, a magazine, make a phone call or write a letter.
  • Distract your desire for snacking by doing a little task or part of a large job (e.g. straighten out a drawer, repot a plant).
  • When you are most likely to snack do a activity that is incompatible with snacking (e.g. knitting, talking on the phone, exercising, take a bath, take a nap, polish your nails, or work in the garden)
  • When you feel like snacking, brush your teeth or use mouth wash to remind you of your eating plan.
  • Keep your favorite snack foods out of the house.
  • Have low-calorie snacks available (washed and cut carrot and celery sticks, etc.)
  • Eat snacks sitting down at a dining room or kitchen table. Take 15 minutes to consume your snack.
  • Precede your snack with a large glass of water or diet soda and wait 15 minutes. By then, you may not want to snack.
  • For candy cravers, try eating a dill pickle first to reduce your desire for sweets. Next try sugar-free candy. If you still crave sweets, eat very slowly sweet candy or a teaspoon of sugar. The too-sweet taste may help decrease your urge.
  • Plan appropriate snacks ahead of time, they can be incorporated into your eating plan
  • Ask family members to prepare their own snacks
  • Put on tight fitting clothing if you feel a binge coming on. Stay out of your house if you feel a binge coming.
  • When you are most likely to binge, avoid clothing in which you usually binge (e.g. bathrobe, sweat suit).
  • Watch yourself in a mirror slowly eat a problem food while concentrating on your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Compare the taste in your mouth to your long term goals. In fact, try keeping a mirror in the kitchen.

For those of you who may need a more aggressive and less civilized approach to snack and binge control. If all else fails, maybe something from my list will be helpful!

Some helpful tips from Allison Stuart Kaplan:

  • If you have punching bag gloves in the house, put them on immediately and punch the living daylights out of your bag or if necessary your sofa! Buy a pair if you do not own them!
  • Purchase a soft therapy bat and beat the crap out of your refrigerator or pantry door! Do this until you are exhausted!
  • RUN don’t walk into your garage or basement and yell as loud as you can until you cannot yell anymore. Follow with a glass of water and a nap!
  • Stick a bar of soap in your mouth until u feel absolutely disgusted or nauseated! Follow with mouthwash! If this doesn’t work, consider calling 911!
  • Look yourself straight in the eye in front of a mirror and have a serious talk with yourself…OUT LOUD! Be kind!
  • Do a handstand or headstand against a wall, if you can, for 5 minutes. This has really helped me in the past.
  • Call your 24/7 therapist…no joke!

You now have 23 ideas to help you beat the urge to binge…something is bound to work….pick a couple and get started trying…..


Please contact me anytime at or on the Bitch Alley Blog…..

I will find a way to help you!
Good luck – Allison

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