“Paws” Before You Purchase

New fall fashions hit the stores soon! I ask you, is there a more exciting time to shop?  Hardly. The scent of new fabrics, leathers and suede, fill the aisles making it hard to walk by without letting your fingers just graze those new bags and boots! The colors range from russets and rubies to rusts and chocolates.

One huge item everyone gets excited to see is Uggs! The new colors and styles of this year’s boot! How is the suede so perfect on these things? We all know that when you buy an animal product garment, it usually comes with some kind of disclaimer: “This garment may have imperfections due to the natural nature of the skin of the animal.”

So why are Uggs so perfect? Mulesing.

This is the practice in Australia of mutilating lambs for perfect hides. Merino sheep were brought to Australia from Europe for their wonderful soft wool and they were bread to have as much fur on their body as they could carry, causing many layers and wrinkles. These wrinkles collect moisture and urine down by their rump. Flies are attracted to this and lay their eggs in these moist areas. To prevent this “flystrike” the Australian rancher performs a crude, cruel and barbaric operation. This is called mulesing. They force the lambs (babies, yet) onto their backs restrain their legs and feet together between metal bars and without any painkillers they slice or cut a large area between their anus and genital areas. They say this prevents the maggots from hatching and eating their flesh, which incidentally usually happens many times any way.

What can we do about this barbaric practice? DON’T BUY UGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, just don’t buy Uggs. You’re just wearing a baby lamb that’s been horrifically tortured.

Pressure is on for this practice to be phased out by 2010. Developments are taking place right now to breed a new kind of sheep that won’t have all those wrinkles. You can help put the pressure on by not buying Uggs……..at least for a few years.

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