Where’s My Cantaloupe?

Chronic Mindless Eating and How to FIX IT!

Yesterday I was enjoying a delicious, freshly sliced piece of cantaloupe. Or so I thought I was.

I actually cut two pieces for myself, one to eat now, and a second to eat later. My problem was and still is, this…. I devoured the first piece while emptying the dishwasher, treating my dogs to a snack (because god forbid I should eat while they don’t), folding clothes from the dryer, and thinking about who knows what.

Ready for the second slice of cantaloupe…..I could not find it. I was completely unaware that I had already eaten the second piece of cantaloupe. I looked everywhere! There are only so many surfaces in my kitchen. So, I checked the pantry, the refrigerator, the washer and dryer, even the flippin’ mailbox! Just in case I mindlessly wandered outside. I was afraid to check the garbage can under the kitchen sink. I feared the inevitable and now obvious. I ate the F%^&*#@ cantaloupe, both pieces, evidenced by the two rinds in the garbage can under the sink.

How did they get there? I was absolutely horrified, mortified and disgusted by my lack of awareness while eating. This is an example of acute mindless eating!

I should know better. I should have done better. I have been disturbed by this event since it occurred. I spent five years practicing the art of mindful eating during yoga teacher training. Which, by the way, greatly improved my inclination for chronic mindless eating and mindless living.

Is mindless eating permanently branded on my DNA without any hope for recovery, because I had an eating disorder years ago? I really don’t think so. Or, am I just so preoccupied and too busy with life? Whatever it is….acute or chronic mindless eating….mindless living….mindless being….I am going to fix it!

I must never give up the practice. This was a red flag for me. So, I suffered a small setback. I will consider it an opportunity to check in with my mindful living skills. I am going to start again. I will go back to the basic skills of mindful eating. We all have attacks of mindless eating, shopping, drinking, driving and talking. We also have the ability to make it better, to make our lives better.

Here a few are simple techniques for you to practice.

Your Guide to Mindful Eating!
I believe observing and recording our behavior is essential if we truly desire change! Try this…

  • iStock_000009107914XSmallRemain seated while eating.     Did I do this … yes or no____
  • Refrain from talking while eating. Did I do this … yes or no____
  • Refrain from all external distractions, such as reading, T.V., listening to music, etc. Did I do this … yes or no____
  • Refrain from putting more than 2 handfuls of food on your plate at any one time. Did I do this… yes or no____
  • Wait until your food is completely chewed and swallowed before taking your next bite. Did I do this… yes or no____
  • Wait 2-6 hours before eating again.   Did I do this … yes or no___

Comment on your efforts to become a mindful eater. This is very important!

Start by using this mindful eating guide at least once a day for a month. Choose a time during the day that will be most conducive to do this. I had my greatest success early in the morning. Eventually I was able to use this guide at lunch and dinner. Remember, anything worth doing well is going to be a challenge. This will be fun too!

Please let me know how you are doing and if I can help you further.

Never give up on yourself…..Keep trying and trying…Great things are bound to happen!


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