Where’s My Cantaloupe? Redux

Canteloupe MelonI received an interesting email this week in response to my “Where’s my cantaloupe?” article, from a man named Skip, whose acquaintance I recently made at the pool. We meet up at the pool a few mornings a week to swim laps. While gasping for a breath in between sets, we talk about healthy living, particularly the vegan way of living.

Over time Skip, has become my friend! In our talks he encourages and inspires me to educate our readers about the benefits of a vegetarian and specifically, vegan lifestyle. Skip also likes challenging me about different health and fitness topics.

But we don’t always agree. Especially when it comes to my article about mindless eating, in which I recounted a time I unknowingly ate two large pieces of cantaloupe.  “Hey Allison,” he wrote in an email. “What in the world are you stressing out about? I cannot believe how much you are stressing out about eating cantaloupe. You can eat as much cantaloupe as you want!”

Excuse me for a minute while I regroup!

I was absolutely speechless and aghast by his statement. “Are you flipping  serious?” I asked. “This is what you got from reading my article!?”

I’m still dizzy from his words and lack of understanding.  Doesn’t he understand that the “cantaloupe” is just a metaphor for mindless eating? The cantaloupe could be anything…a donut, 3 pieces of cake, a box of crackers and pound of cheese or a slab of meaty ribs! The food choice is pretty much irrelevant.

Furthermore, it is not okay for me to eat as much cantaloupe as I want. It is not okay to be mindlessly adrift somewhere in my kitchen while devouring three whole cantaloupes. Do you know how many calories are in three cantaloupes…. too many…never mind the horrible stomachache.

Just pay attention to what you eat and how you eat it! Here’s a tidbit of profound advice to further drive my point home. To quote a teacher/mentor of mine, “When you eat an apple… eat an apple, when you brush your teeth…brush your teeth, and when you make love…..make love!” Basically just be present.

But Skip doesn’t necessarily agree with my philosophies. So finally, I challenged Skip to write an article for askinyourface.com. “Stop telling me and start telling the world,” I yelled to him from the other end of the pool. “Just do it already! askinyourface.com will happily be your platform for lifestyle reform.” He has accepted my challenge.

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