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Many women don’t do pushups because they are afraid they can’t….really now, there is nothing to fear. There are only gains to be made. Read on!

Many women don’t do pushups because they think it isn’t feminine or sexy.  I happen to believe that women doing pushups, can be very sexy! Perhaps, GRUNTING while performing a pushup isn’t sexy, it’s also not necessary! Personally, I don’t care for grunting. The primordial grunt tells me that you are not breathing correctly. I also think grunting is a guy thing!

From my fitness perspective, the pushup is as close to the perfect exercise as you can get. This is the belief of many fitness experts, and with good reason. It’s free, doesn’t require equipment, and, it works multiple muscle groups. A pushup works your chest, shoulders, triceps, and your core muscles. It pretty much works your entire body. The most bang for your effort for a single upper body exercise. Because of the load on these muscles while performing a pushup…it also touts as a very respectable bone density building exercise.

From my perspective, the pushup is as close to the perfect exercise as you can get!

Women of all ages are capable of doing pushups. Women often express their concern about bulking up if they do pushups. I don’t know anyone who has bulked up from doing pushups…besides, a little bulk, in just the right places could look pretty fabulous! Furthermore, no one is suggesting that you eat steroids or bench press 300 pounds…just a few sets of pushups, ladies! I believe a more reasonable theory as to why women do not like or do pushups…because they have been conditioned over the years not to. Since the very early 80s when the fitness boom boomed…beauty and health was all about cardio and “burn the fat!” This no longer applies. Spending hours upon hours on the stairmaster, bicycles, treadmills, and rowing machines was the skinny, scrawny and sickly womens’ workout dream day. Unfortunately, this mentality still exists…but, as a whole, we are getting better. I prefer where women are headed today…strong and powerful…lifting weights and doing pushups! A well balanced health and fitness plan is essential for optimal health. A new fitness plan may be as simple as finding some new workout buddies.

There is one more common concern for women when it comes to pushups…“I’m afraid I will hurt myself.” News Flash!!! You have a much greater chance for injury if you DON’T learn to do those pushups! Do them correctly and you will be just fine!

How To Do A Proper Pushup

Lie on the floor and place your hands next to your shoulders. You may also grip a set of dumbbells for more wrist support, if necessary.

Engage your core muscles, upper back , shoulders, arms, and your positive attitude as you lift and push your body up from the floor. Sounds simple….but often harder than it sounds or looks. If this golden exercise were not challenging….it would not be worth accomplishing.

Full Pushup- Tough, But Worth It!

Full Pushup- Tough, But Worth It!


Pushups may also be done on your knees…starting from a table position.Rise up on your knees to start or move directly to your toes.Gaze off the end of your nose so your neck stays long. If you are attempting this on your toes, your body should look and feel like a straight line from your toes to the top of your head. The body moves smoothly from top to bottom without any swaying of the hips and back.

On Your Knees... A Great Modification!

On Your Knees... A Great Modification!


I know this is difficult but you can and will do it. Just keep trying….practice and determination is key! One of my greatest teachers always said…” consistency of practice is the secret to success!” Don’t ever forget it!

On the exhale lower down as close to the floor as u can
On the inhale PUSHUP (think about pushing the floor away from you…getting it out of your face!) Keep trying…you will get stronger.

Remember this when you are pushing up from the floor:

  • Lift your belly to your spine…stabilizes your back
  • Lift your breath…lift your gaze….lift your new attitude and Push Up and Away!!!

wall-pushup2wall-pushupIf the Floor Doesn’t Work, Use a Wall!

P.S. If I were in the market for a female personal trainer, I would want to see that she could do pushups, at least a few, properly.

For more information and inspiration about pushups and the importance of weight training read my article “Be Fit for your Future.

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