Meet Your Driveway Workout

The Workout - The Great Outdoors - The Driveway

This is a circuit workout for Cardio, Strength, and Life!
This workout takes approximately one hour without breaks.
Do all of it or part of it…Just try it!!!

What you will need:

weights1. A piece of chalk (draw two tire size circles side by side, overlap them)
2. A hopscotch board (draw it long enough to step n hop 8 times)
3. A jump rope
4. A hula hoop (weighted or not)
5. A basketball
6. One/two sets of dumbells i.e. 5lbs/8lbs/10lbs
7. Front porch steps/some kind of sturdy bench
8. A watch w/second hand/kitchen timer
9. Your driveway/your street/a parking lot
10. H20/towel/mat
11. Ipod/Buddy maybe

Your buddy should be willing to work as hard or harder than you! I keep all of these items in my garage ready to go at all times! This workout will easily travel!

Ready….this is fun….invigorating….and tough!!!

1. Begin with good posture…stand up straight/think tall…lift and gently hug in your low belly…..begin!!!shapeimage_23
2.Walk briskly for ten minutes w/wo light weights
3. Jog five minutes……walk 1-2 more minutes
4. Skip/jump rope 1 min.
5. Run up and down steps switch lead foot after 30 reps.
6. Hopscotch approx. 50 times
7. Walking lunges with weights by your side….approx. 80 lunges/4 lengths of your driveway
8. 20 pushups 10 wide hand position/10 narrow hand position use towel or mat for knees and hands unless of course u are on your TOES!!!
9. Stand right up and do 25 jumping jacks
10. Repeat the pushups and jumping jacks 20 squats with dumbbells….low squat rise up w/ a bicep curl open to neutral grip deep plies with upright rows
11. Leap sideways the length of your driveway 4 times/hold a weighted ball or dumbbell at eye level….MOVE IT!!! Be sure to alternate lead leg
12. Power walk 6 min. with light weights 2-5lbs. Powerful walk means move FAST!!!
13. For extra oomph…..alternate one minute with a running sprint!!!!!
14. Come back to your driveway and dribble a basketball for 5 minutes remember to move your butt when you dribble and shoot hoops if u have a net
15. Tire runs using the circles u drew… start 30 right leg/30 left leg lift your knees as high as u can. If you have a pair of old tires laying around USE them!!!
16. Back to pushups…….pushup to a side plank lower and repeat on other side 10 times….5 times each side!!!
17. Stationary step back lunges holding weights 20 each side
18. Power walk/jog/run/even ride your bike for 5 minutes… no scooters!
19. Bicycle ABS 60 reps…30 slow/30 quick
20. 30 knees to elbows crunches, work the exhales to the end with your AB work
21. Repeat the AB work…..yes, I said DO IT AGAIN !!!12765412-848x566
22. Lay flat on your belly lift your legs together/arms by your sides palms face up hold 5 long breaths….repeat 2 more times/try reaching your arms out in front of you this time.
23. Child pose/Balasana 5 b’s
24. Cat and cow 5 rounds
25. Down dogs 5 b’s
26. Stretch your quads a spinal twist seated or supine (lying down)

Shivasana on the grass…enjoy……..Well done!

Please be sure to make any necessary modifications to any of the exercises. Do your best to complete each part of the workout…if u need help with the workout u can find me on the blog. I will be right there with you and in your face!

This workout should be FUN and challenging!!!8647349-565x850


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