Keep FIT This Summer Without Even Trying!

Easy Activities to Keep Your Body Moving and Your Heart Rate Flowing

Hula Hoop with your kids or the kids you babysit for. Great for toning the hips and core while hanging out with the young ones.

Take a break from lounging poolside and get in the water. Swim or try water aerobics to burn some calories. You might even get some color while you’re at it.

Walk to your local Starbucks instead of driving, to get some cardio in. Walk there and back and think of your iced latte as a treat for your effort.

Host a margarita night with your girlfriends and make your own Guacamole instead of buying it. Then, wash the dirty plates and glasses by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher. You’ll burn almost 150 calories!

Break out your knee-high socks, slap on your sweatband, and set your
ipod to Cyndi Lauper’s greatest hits. Get into the 80’s groove and go roller-skating old-school style.

Head outside with the family to some classic good-weather games like Bocce Ball, Badminton or Croquet. They’ll keep you moving and you’ll get to spend some quality time with your clan.

Take up golf. Play a round of nine or 18 holes and you’ll walk anywhere from two to six miles. And if a day of trekking across the green isn’t your thing, hit the driving range instead. Work on your swing and work your arms, torso and abs at the same time.

Dance! With your friends, family or all by your lonesome, set itunes on shuffle and get down. Blast some high-energy songs and you’ll be sweating in no time. It will get your heart rate going and put you in positive mood.

Take your yoga mat outside. Join an outdoor yoga class or just bring the mat into the backyard. Being outside will inject a bit of freshness (literally) to your usual workout routine.

Make your own jam. Go by yourself or bring the family; head to the nearest strawberry or blackberry field to pick fresh fruit for your preserves, then go home and add the ingredients. Spend the morning walking through the field and the afternoon cooking jam. You’ll have an day activity fun for your family or just for one.

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