Be Fit for Your Future: Try These Easy & Effective Workouts Today!

pushups-upper-body-strength-fitness-workout-strong-women“When we strengthen our bodies, we automatically strengthen our minds Only then are we able to stand tall and look straight ahead, right into our future, a healthier future.” Allison

So Breathe and PUSH!  I don’t care if you kick and scream, just do it!  The simple action of trying will make you stronger and every time after the first try you will continue to get stronger and eventually increase and stabilize your strength. This concept of try and get better is not new, ladies. Even if you are not seriously injured from a fall, i.e. head injury, broken arm or pelvis because your bones are brittle and your muscles are weak….it would suck to spend the day on your cold bathroom floor because you cannot get yourself up.

FACT: one third of all Americans over the age of 65 DO fall…younger people fall too. The danger of broken bones is very real because of osteoporosis. A lack of physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination can cause tumbles and a fall out of devastating consequences.

Hello women of all ages! You can help prevent this from happening. You don’t have to be the Bionic women either….I can already hear it.  There is NOTHING better for you as you age from my fitness perspective than weight training along with cardiovascular fun and flexibility training.  And of course, a healthy diet. Strength training stabilizes bone density and supports fat loss by adding lean muscle tissue to your frame.  For every pound of muscle you add to your body you will burn more calories even while sleeping. Weight training promotes a healthy metabolism. You can spend all the time you want on treadmills and elliptical machines but without weight training for your muscles and bones you will be flabby and weak and at risk for osteoporosis and other potential physical problems.

Try This:
Lay flat on the floor…dead weight!  Place your hands next to your shoulders and push yourself on to your knees. Keep trying, you will get stronger and you will eventually get yourself up. It is very possible to gain muscle mass and bone density and improve overall body strength as you age. You are NEVER too old to get stronger.

Resistance training (using weights) can keep muscle decline at bay which begins around 40 years old, according to Wayne Wescott, Exercise Physiologist PhD. Heart- and lung-strengthening aerobic activity can offset the decline in lung capacity which begins as early as 25 years old.

So, work on those pushup. Practicing everyday is okay with me or at least 3 times a week. Start lifting dumbbells – start light and increase the weight as you make strength gains and you will. Three times a week for twenty minutes, absolutely no less than twice a week. Walk, jog, swim, dance, play tennis, hike, whatever, something, to get your heart pumping for 30-45 minutes, 5 times a week.

Please do not let weakened muscles and bones happen to you. You have the power to get strong, be strong and stay strong.

You get stronger just by trying!!!! Live by this, starting today.

Test: Walk quickly up a flight of stairs….no less than 10 steps…try not to hold on to the rails. If you feel like you are going to vomit or drop dead…DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…NOW !!!

Remember to check with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

I want you to succeed and feel great about yourself. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

Just ASK me… I am dedicated to helping you be fit for you future!  Good Luck!

Always love,  Allison

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