“Eat Your Cantaloupe and Enjoy Your Life!”

The Saga of Mindless Eating Continues…


I just read your article about me and you and the cantaloupe. Allison, a cup of cantaloupe has 56 calories and is very nutritious for you with lots of vitamins, see THIS LINK for more nutritional info.

Now, regarding the idea that I didn’t get the point of your article that the mindless eating of the cantaloupe really bothered you…..

We are all humans and we all make mistakes all the time.  But the error you made by eating the second piece of cantaloupe was a good error in my view. How do you know that subconsciously your body was not craving the great nutrition in that cantaloupe?

I do draw a big distinction between eating that cantaloupe as opposed to mindlessly eating something really harmful to you. If you had all of sudden started eating some Haagen Dazs ice cream and didn’t realize it, that would be a serious problem.

I used to eat “mindlessly” as an emotional comfort to myself. I would have a pizza and a coke or some ice cream or cheddar cheese. I’d find myself eating and thinking about something that had stressed me out, not the food I was eating. When I get those urges to comfort myself with food (which I don’t think I get to often now), I make sure that I eat something nutritious and I have no guilt or bad feelings about the food I ate because I know that it might do me some good. So if I get an urge to eat a snickers bar, I eat an apple, for example.

I do try to live in the now and eat when I am truly hungry and stop when I am truly full but sometimes my mind wanders and I find myself eating to much, however, in my mind that error is so small compared to how I used to pig out that I don’t even worry about it. And by eating good nutritious foods, my mind is much sharper and focused so this doesn’t happen as much. I’ve read that good nutrition can help reverse Alzheimer’s disease and I believe it.

PS….I don’t disagree with any of your philosophies…I think you are a wonderful and dynamic person with a lot of heart and I’m glad I met you and that you called me your friend!

Peas and love,


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