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Exercise Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Does it surprise you that we are talking about exercise etiquette? Do we need exercise etiquette guidelines? Absolutely! I am faced with exercise etiquette challenges every day. Etiquette problems in the fitness arena are pathological, at times. I have witnessed some very outrageous behavior over the years. Whether in my classes, as a student, or in the gym. Even if I don’t see the actual event, I hear about them. Here is a list of fitness etiquette do’s and don’ts for anyone who is a part of our present workout culture. Doesn’t matter if you work out in a gym, a class, with a personal trainer or with a friend. Please consider the following…..

1. NOT considerate to talk on a cell phone while working out with others. Just plain rude! Not considerate for the teacher or trainer to be on the phone either.

It is considerate to keep your phone on vibrate and leave the room before beginning a conversation. How about giving yourself a break…leave the phone in the car!

2. NOT considerate to talk with others during a class (especially a class) or during a personal training session with others. Of course exercise is very social. Remember, this is not a party! Keep the chatter in check! The more you talk…the less you work!

It is considerate to talk before and after your class or training session…..savor your workout time to get the most out of your workout!

3. NOT considerate to pretend you don’t see someone looking for a space when they walk into a crowed class.

It is considerate to smile and generously move over. Make room for others. Be kind!

4. NOT considerate to be chronically late. You know who you are. Occasional lateness is one thing…when the teacher, trainer, or your workout buddy expects you to be late…that is pathetic! Your teacher/trainer/friend probably says “oh, it’s okay.” You want to know what they are really thinking? What the %$#*& is your problem? Does the world constantly have to be put on hold for you?

It is considerate to think about the other people who are counting on you to be prompt…to consider others’ time. It ain’t all about you!

5. NOT considerate to show up to class or the gym with a sore throat, cold, cough, fever, aches or chills. No one wants to hear that you just have allergies. This is downright selfish! This rule applies to many situations. Not just the gym or class. These days you may risk losing friends by knowingly spreading your nasty germs.

It is considerate to think about not infecting others with your germs! Give yourself a rest if you are feeling lousy or run down. Your body will thank you.

6. NOT considerate to sneeze or cough on a machine or equipment and leave the disinfecting to someone else.

It is considerate to clean a machine or the equipment you have used when you are finished. Basically, clean up after yourself! Wash your hands please!!!

7. NOT considerate to be a no-show. Not considerate to be the last-minute caller! We are exhausted from all your excuses. Again, you know who you are! This is simply rude, rude, and rude!

It is considerate to be a dependable workout buddy. It is considerate to show up for an appointment with your trainer. Be that reliable person. Be that person that others know they can count on. Show respect by valuing others time. Shit happens! We all know this about life. Still, to many people wait until the last minute to cancel when they could have made the call or sent a text a day or two earlier. Don’t be that person. Be the one who shows up! At least give advanced notice.

8. NOT considerate to not pay for a no-show or last-minute, lousy excuse cancellation.

It is considerate to pay for a missed session. It is first class to pay without asking your teacher or trainer if they would like to be paid for their time. What the %^&* do you think? Be a mench! Pay up!

9. NOT considerate not to wash your hands often and properly!

Look for our Daily about Proper Hand Washing!

It is considerate to wash your hands regularly. Obviously, if you sneeze or cough into your hands…wash your hands! If you sneeze or cough on equipment…clean the equipment properly! It is considerate to carry tissue or a handkerchief with you!

Enjoy your workouts and be considerate!

Do you have a short list of do’sand don’ts? If you would like to add to our list….we will post your etiquette suggestions on the blog! Send them to us!

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