I can’t Take The Noise!

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Listen to your body?…I cant take the noise!!

They say to “listen” to your body, well my body is definitely making a lot of NOISE.

The morning started out beautifully with our yoga flows, so wonderful…then it was time for the deep seated squat – ut katasana (something like that) and the soft creaking in the right knee began, I was hoping not to distract anyone. As we moved on to our weight work and we were holding on to our light weights sitting at the end of our bench and raising our arms up and down the Crackle, the POP, POP,POP in my arms was quite frankly, embarrassing!!  Why is my body creaking and crackling like that is there anything I should do to lower the volume?

I know certain things probably come with age, Im 42…and I take glucosamine every day (almost).  Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Laura

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Dear Laura,
The symphony of crackling and popping sounds you are hearing from your body while exercising may be annoying and embarrassing, but not uncommon – especially as we age.

It’s not precisely clear what causes our joints to snap, crackle and pop. However, there seem to be many contributing factors to our sometimes or often noisy joints.

Joints are somewhat complicated structures. Two or more bones meet at a junction, along with various tissues; ligaments that attach to bones, tendons connected to the muscles that move the bones, cartilage that pads and protects the joints, and fluid for lubrication that keeps the joint moving smoothly.

Ordinary movements, particularly those during exercise can create an air pocket as the different tissues move around within the joint. Doctors and physical therapists believe this may be one of the reasons our joints create a popping or crackling noise during certain movements. Medical professionals also believe that over-stressing joints or engaging in high-demand physical activities that our bodies are not used to may also contribute to these joint noises.

Rule of thumb: if you do not experience pain or discomfort when these noises occur, you probably have nothing to worry about. If pain is present or develops, you may want to pay a visit to your doctor.

I have noticed an increase in these annoying sounds, particularly my hips, as I have gotten older. Occasionally I experience pain with certain movements. So, I back off or modify the exercise. I don’t believe in “working through the pain.” Not this kind of pain, for sure. I try to be a mindful exerciser as I listen to my body’s feedback. As you know, we have this one body…treat it kindly!

Remember this: joints move smoothly and with less friction when our body is sufficiently warmed up and synovial fluid is released. This is the grease on the tracks, so to speak. Whatever you workout, begin with light and gentle movements that mobilize the joints and prepare them for harder work. Move your joints during the warmup through their natural range of motion. Also, try to mimic exercises during your warmup that you will be performing later on in the workout. Give your joints some time to adapt to the movements.

If you experience persistent joint pain, consult a health professional.

Enjoy your Workout!     Allison

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