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I am sick and tired of all the rude and inconsiderate people in the gyms and exercise classes! Something needs to be done! Today a women walked late into a class I was participating in while talking on her cell phone. The class had already begun. I was appalled. Does she think she is the only person in the world or in the room? She continued to be disruptive while fussing around with her bag, shoes, and getting her equipment together. Why can’t she show up on time like everyone else? This is an ongoing problem and no one seems to care enough to do anything about it! Any suggestions?

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You have good reason to be frustrated and annoyed. This has happened more than once in my classes and training sessions. I find it very rude, inconsiderate and disruptive as well! We do need to create an awareness about proper exercise behavior. From my experience and perspective, most people are not aware of their behavior and how it affects others. Your question has inspired me to write a basic list of exercise etiquette do’s and don’ts!

Hopefully, this will help! Perhaps you could ask your fitness club manager to read this article…see what kind of response you get! Maybe he/she will be inspired to post a set of rules for your club! We must lead by example!

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE for our Exercise Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

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