Letting Go of a Grudge

Betrayal, insult, lies, rejection and inexcusable behavior — unfortunately, these are all things that we deal with at some point in our lives, be it on behalf of a friend, family member, co-worker or random stranger. They’re hurtful and irritating incidents that can weigh heavily on our minds. They’re called grudges and we have tendency to hold onto them. But letting these grudges go can add serious benefits to our health. Researchers have found that holding onto grudges can lead to not only psychological problems, but physical as well. Letting go of a painful memory can potentially lower blood pressure, reduce stress, lower heart rates and lessen chronic pain. Those who have little ill will towards people in their life have also been shown to have better anger management skills, fewer anxiety and depression symptoms, a lower risk of alcohol or substance abuse, and an improved psychological well being.

And really, what good has being angry done for anyone lately?

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