Get 30 minutes of exercise most days

How many times a week do you watch a 30-minute TV show, YouTube, or surf the net and your pantry? Think about it…NOW! Instead, you could reduce your risk of diabetes, breast cancer and stroke. Sharpen your thinking skills, be happier, build bone density, and lose some fat! Here are some simple tips to get moving. Pick the parking spot furthest from the door and walk. Walk your dog or the neighbor’s….adopt a dog! Forget the escalator…use the stairs. Divide and carry the clean laundry upstairs three times instead of one trip. Carry your grocery bags if possible….leave the cart at the door! Fifty years ago, we burned approximately 700 more calories per day by performing ordinary tasks that have been engineered out of our lives. This is pathetic! For example, rolling our windows up and down…now we press a button! Washing dishes…again, pushing a button. We hire out our physical ability to perform many simple chores in and around our home. Think about it and get moving!

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